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Get started with Ionic

Follow our Getting Started guides for building high-quality Ionic apps with the web tech you know and love.

Simple Install

Try the new Ionic App Wizard for a visual way to start a new Ionic app

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Manual Install

Prefer to install and start an Ionic app manually from the command line? Follow the manual install below.

  1. Install Ionic

    npm install -g @ionic/cli

    First, install Node.js. Then, install the latest Ionic command-line tools in your terminal. Follow the Android and iOS platform guides to install required tools for development.

    If you’re new to the command line, read our Terminal tutorial
  2. Start an app

    ionic start myApp tabs

    Create an Ionic App using one of our ready-made app templates, or a blank one to start fresh. Check out the Market for more designs.

    For v1 projects, use the --type ionic1 flag.

    $ ionic start myApp blank
    $ ionic start myApp tabs
    $ ionic start myApp sidemenu
  3. Run your app

    cd myApp 
    ionic serve

    Much of your app can be built right in the browser with ionic serve. We recommend starting with this workflow.

    When you're ready to deploy your app to a real device, check out our Deploying guide.

  4. Join the community

    Get free access to the Ionic Forum, live training events, news updates, and more.

    Ionic developers often say the Ionic community is one of the best parts about building Ionic apps, and we'd love to have you!


    Thanks for joining the Ionic community! As part of your account, you get access to the Ionic Forum, and the ability to push live, remote app updates with Appflow (and more!).

  5. Supercharge your app

    ionic link

    Update your app remotely, build native binaries in the cloud, and share your app easily with others, all from the Ionic Appflow dashboard.

  6. Dashboard preview

Learn more about Ionic Appflow.

Your dashboard is always available at

Get more with an Ionic account

An Ionic Account offers more than just the open source tools. Instantly get access to the Ionic Forum and Ionic Appflow cloud features

  • Continuous delivery

    Skip the app stores by pushing versions of your app directly to your users, live.

  • Package apps in the cloud

    Go from code to app store with no platform dependencies or complicated build steps.

  • Ionic updates and tutorials

    Get access to the Forum, plus news and developer-focused trainings and workshops.

Lightning fast app creation.

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