Mobile DevOps to continuously build, deploy and ship.

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$0 /mo
For individuals just getting started


  • Personal Account
  • Ionic Appflow Dashboard
  • Community Forum
  • Ionic DevApp
  • Ionic Deploy (100 MLU)
  • 1 concurrent build
Financial eligibility

No limits on revenue or funding

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$120 /mo
For growing teams creating what’s next

    All of Starter plus:

  • Team collaboration
  • Access to Ionic Package
  • Ionic Automation CI/CD
  • Ionic Deploy (25K MLU)
  • 2 concurrent builds
  • Account & Billing Support
Financial eligibility

No limits on revenue or funding

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For teams building mission-critical apps

    All of Growth plus:

  • Custom usage limits
  • SSO
  • Role-based permissions
  • Private hosted git servers
  • Jenkins/Travis/GitLab CI Integrations
  • Live onboarding
  • Customer success manager
Financial eligibility

No limits on revenue or funding

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Developer tools
Ionic Framework OSS
Ionic CLI
Ionic DevApp
DevOps Services
Native App Builds Add-on available
iOS Enterprise Certs
Live App Updates 100 / moAdd-on available 25,000 / mo Custom MLU volume
Concurrency Limits 1 2 Custom
Workflow Automation (CI/CD)
Connected Services
GitHub, BitBucket
GitHub Enterprise, BitBucket Server
Security & Collaboration
Team Member Access
SSO Integrations with Okta, OneLogin, Ping, and more
Role-based Permissions
Support & Services
Community Forum
Account & Billing Support
Live Onboarding
Customer Success Manager
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Every plan comes with...

  • Ionic Framework OSS

    The forever-free, open source Ionic Framework and UI Kit for building beautiful cross-platform apps for mobile, web, and desktop alike.

  • Ionic DevApp

    Skip dealing with frustrating Native SDK installation issues, just open the DevApp, connect to the same network, and it will automatically load and run your app.

  • App Dashboard

    Get access to a unified Dashboard to house and organize all your Ionic apps, accessible in one place. Track activity and builds from anywhere.

  • Git-based workflow

    With Ionic’s developer platform, starting and deploying apps is as simple as git push ionic and we handle the rest. Connect to your favorite git host.

  • Access to Forum

    Having an Ionic account unlocks access to post and comment on the Ionic Forum, the single most active community hub for Ionic developers.

Have a Question?

  • What does MLU stand for?

    Using the Ionic Deploy service allows you to push hot code updates directly to your users’ devices, all from the Ionic App Dashboard, without having to go through the App Stores.

    A single Live Update is one code update to one device. If you send one update to 200 devices, that counts as 200 Live Updates. If you send two updates to 200 devices, that counts as 400 Live Updates.

    The number of Live Updates that come with each plan is referred to as Monthly Live Updates, or MLUs. Your MLU quota will refresh at the beginning of each calendar month. If you exceed your quota for a given month, you will have to upgrade to a higher plan, or wait until the next calendar month to send more updates. If you need more than 25,000 MLUs (our highest self-service plan limit associated with the Startup tier), contact our sales team for an Enterprise plan that will scale to meet your needs. Learn more about Deploy Support.

  • Do I have to create an Ionic account to use the Framework?

    No! Ionic Framework is totally open source and free to download and install without an Ionic account. We invite all Ionic developers to create an account so they can take advantage of free developer tools to help you build better apps and go faster, with tools such as DevApp, Deploy, connected services, and a single App Dashboard to manage all of your projects. But if you just want to download the Framework and start building, freel free!

  • What’s included in the Live Onboarding?

    For new Appflow customers on the Scale plan, your dedicated Customer Success Manager will give you a live, guided tour of the App Dashboard and key features such as Deploy, Package, and Automation. They’ll discuss your goals and set you on the path to getting the most out of Appflow and the rest of the Ionic Development Platform.

  • What do Concurrency Limits refer to?

    Concurrency Limits refers to the number of app builds that can occur at the same time. Once you have hit your limit, additional builds will be queued until the existing builds in process are completed. When you upgrade to the Scale plan, you’ll be able to set a customized concurrency limit that matches your team’s needs.

A powerful, locally-installed integrated visual development tool. Learn more

Enterprise Edition Available Now


Custom Pricing
    Build & Develop
  • Full-featured IDE
  • Secure, local editor
  • 100+ Ionic UI components
  • Integrated theme editor
  • Component Properties
  • Live reload changes
  • Code & Visual Design modes
    Preview & Manage
  • Capacitor/Cordova manager
  • On-branded component library
  • App config manager
  • Backend integrations
  • CI/CD integration with Appflow
  • Component Properties viewer
  • Localized assets manager
  • Full-featured app builder

    Ionic Studio is a full code editor with TypeScript support, autocompletion, debugging, & more. With a rich component library, Ionic docs at your fingertips, and a secure local editor—A single install delivers nearly every dependency, so you can focus on development instead.

  • Supercharged Development

    Studio provides Ionic developers with tons of extras, from drag & drop components to a properties editor, all which help you move faster and focus on the stuff that matters while we take care of the rest.

  • Live Preview. Native & Web.

    Watch your app come to life in real-time as you build it out. Use live preview to test your app via the web and physical devices. You can also directly run your project as a native iOS or Android app with the click of a button.

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A trusted foundation for enterprise app development. Learn more

Ionic Enterprise Edition


Custom Pricing
    Enterprise Framework
  • Secure & stable UI Framework for front-end app development
  • Open design standards & customizations
  • Supported on all major mobile OS and devices
  • Future-proof app dev strategy
  • Code once, run on every platform
  • 100+ Customizable Enterprise-ready UI components
  • Custom components for use across multiple apps
    Enterprise Native
  • Stable & reliable native ecosystem
  • Management of Cordova platforms & plugins by Ionic’s team
  • Immediate access to security & bug fixes for platforms and plugins
  • Protection from untested updates & breaking changes
  • Supported on all major mobile OS and devices
    Enterprise Support
  • Professional assurances for Framework & Native
  • Guaranteed Long Term Support
  • Immediate hotfixes for your issues
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Get more out of Ionic with add-ons


Ionic’s mobile experts will work with your team to define your project objectives and develop a plan for reaching or exceeding your app development goals.

Starting at
  • Direct communication through a private Slack channel
  • Assisted development including architecture analysis and code reviews
  • Ensure on-time app delivery and guard against Technical Debt
  • Roadmap access and influence


Deliver full-stack apps with premier backend and third-party integrations that are built and fully supported by the Ionic team.

Starting at
  • Secure offline solution with Couchbase Lite
  • Secure mobile biometric authentication solution with Ionic Identity Vault
  • AWS Amplify Integration
  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory Integration

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