The best way to monitor your apps.

Ionic Monitor is the only solution that identifies and tracks errors at the web layer, with detailed sourcemaps all the way down to the TypeScript level.


Pinpoint the exact location of errors and exceptions.

Monitor is deeply integrated with Ionic Framework, and the only service with access to pre-minified code.
By supporting full TypeScript sourcemaps, you’ll be notified of the error and it’s exact location before anyone else.

  • Realtime alerts & notifications

    Be the first to know whenever and wherever your app crashes, or when unexpected errors occur.

  • Built for Ionic apps

    Track runtime errors in your Ionic apps with full web layer visibility and JavaScript stack traces. No setup. It will Just Work.

  • TypeScript sourcemaps

    Know exactly where to push fixes by identifying offending code in your app’s original TypeScript.

Ready to monitor your apps now?

Activate monitor in your apps for free with an Ionic Appflow account.

Ship with confidence

Catch issues before they ship. Proactive error catching and detailed reporting help you pinpoint issues as they’re introduced, so you can push new versions and updates without the fear of breaking anything.

Stay ahead of your users.

Without detailed error tracking and monitoring, you’re blind to the real user experience. Ionic Monitor’s alerts and notifications inform you as soon as issues are discovered in your production apps, so you can address them before they become a problem.

Insight only Ionic can deliver.

Most error tracking and monitoring tools are designed for native-built apps. Ionic Monitor is built for hybrid, with full visibility to the web layer of your Ionic apps, and the unique ability to trace errors back to your pre-minified TypeScript.

Fix critical bugs. In realtime.

Combining Ionic Monitor and Ionic Deploy enables you and your team to identify issues in production apps and immediately ship bug fixes. With Deploy, you never have to wait for user updates or lengthy App Store approvals. Just fix it, and update it live.

Deliver the best version of your app, with Monitor.

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